Day One: 07-12-2021
10:00 am
* The program follows UAE’s standard time (UTC+4)
2 hours and 50 minutes
10:00 am
UAEBF’s welcome message
5 minutes
10:05 am
Keynote Presentation: Global Fraud Trends as Banks Move to Digital
20 minutes
10:25 am
Fraud in a New World of digital payments
50 minutes
  • The Payment Fraud Epidemic Arising from the Pandemic
  • How to balance customer experience while offering secure payments
  • Investment Fraud’s boom and future ventures (crypto, green energies..)
  • Social Engineering scams, BOT Attacks, synthetic identities: how might these typologies evolve beyond 2021?
11:15 am
Digital Onboarding; For a Seamless and Secure Journey
50 minutes
  • Secure digital onboarding
  • Striking the right Balance between security concerns and CX
  • The use of AI, cognitive document automation and RPA
  • ID verification; facial recognition and e-signatures
  • How can you create trust and safety  while onboarding customers, staff and vendors digitally?
12:05 pm
Trade finance Frauds- Money laundering and beyond
45 minutes
  • Trade Finance fraud: Common red flags and risks, Synthetic or structured LCs, and Blockchain adoption