himaya.io - MENA Cyber Security Destination

HIMAYA.io is a MENA knowledge platform and event umbrella for cyber security. According to various reports, businesses in the Middle East suffer larger losses than any other regions in the world due to cyber crime and security breaches.  CISOs and CEOs are facing daintier tasks of securing their assets in a world where the cost of hacking and launching an attack is much cheaper than defending against it.

Moreover cyber security is not just about technology but more about how organizations and the people in it view security and how seriously they take action. So it is both a technical as well as a human issue, and as such, needs both strong expertise and tighter cooperation.


At HIMAYA, we strive to first keep you abreast of the latest cyber security news, stories and reports that are affecting the MENA region today, as we endeavor via our various forums and events such as the Anti-Cybercrime Forum in Lebanon launched in 2017, as well as HIMAYA UAE, the Cyber threat Intelligence Collaboration Forum that we are holding in Dubai to support CISOs and CEOs collaboration efforts in countring cyber threats.

We hope that through HIMAYA, which means “Protect” in Arabic, we contribute to safeguarding the digital economy of today using not only technology but the power of networking, connecting, and collaborating. Our knowledge platform coupled with our strong array of forums across the region will help build the necessary governmental legislative activity, the private sector cooperation, and the know-how needed for a better more secure MENA region.