Day One: 29-11-2017
09:00 am
Opening Ceremony
45 minutes
  • Mr. Faysal Abou Zaki, Deputy CEO, Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal, Lebanon
  • Mr. Abdul Hafiz Mansour, Secretary General, Special Investigation Commission, Vice Chairman for the EGMONT Group, MENA Regional Representative, Lebanon
  • Major Gen. Imad Osman, Director General, Internal Security Forces, Lebanon
  • HE Mr. Riad Salame Governor, Central Bank of Lebanon - Chairman, Special Investigation Commission, Central Bank of Lebanon
10:15 am
Panel1:Lebanon’s CyberCrime Landscape in Review&Measures Taken to Strengthen Collaboration with Local&International Stakeholders
45 minutes

This panel will provide a review of the current state of Cybercrime in Lebanon.

It will discuss:

  • Investigating cybercrimes and fraud in Lebanon with real-life case studies
  • Engaging in international cooperation on cybercrime and electronic evidence
  • Empowering criminal justice authorities through alliances
  • Securing the cyber space with Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to enhance information security and prevent cyber-attacks

Moderator: Major Albert Khoury, Head of Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Bureau, Judicial Police, Internal Security Forces, Lebanon


  • Ms. Hania Helweh, Judge, Ministry of Justice, Lebanon
  • Ms. Marie Agha-Wevelsiep, Project Manager, CyberSouth, Cybercrime Programme Office (CPROC), Council of Europe, Romania
  • Mr. Antoine Mandour, Deputy Director, Special Investigation Commission, Lebanon
11:00 am
Panel 2: The Power of Collaboration among Banking Institutions
1 hour

This panel will discuss the role played by the banking sector in fighting cybercrime. It will emphasize the importance of collaboration in AML, counter fraud and cybercrime, as well as the importance of leveraging threat intelligence and sharing threat information with other financial institutions. Hence, this helps reducing response time to incidents and enacting preventative measures.

Moderator: Mr. Nasser Lebbos, Executive Director - Head of IT & Security Unit, Special Investigation Commission, Lebanon


  • Mr. Chahdan Jebeyli, Chairman of the Compliance Committee, Association of Banks in Lebanon, Group Head of Legal & Compliance - Audi Bank, Lebanon
  •  Mr. Hussein Bahgat, Head of Information Security Africa & Middle East, Standard Chartered Bank, United Arab Emirates
  • Mr.Jan Kaastrup, Chief Technology Officer, CSIS Security Group, Denmark
  • Mr. Antoine Lawandos, Assistant General Manager - Chief Information Officer, Blom Bank, Lebanon
12:00 pm
Workshop: Pre-Emptive Cyber-Security Training
30 minutes

Businesses cannot achieve efficient Information security and continuity without a clear understanding of business and industrial processes. This workshop will introduce CISO, BCM, CRO, CTO and Information Technology Managers to several techniques and methodologies used to reconstitute the business workflow.

Presenter: Mr. Hadi El Khoury, Cyber-Security Interpreter, Advisor, Auditor, SIKIMIA, France

01:30 pm
Panel 3: The Ever Growing Realm of Blockchain and Finance
30 minutes

Blckchain has real potential to transform the financial services sector. Banks are starting to explore blockchain use cases for capital markets (for example settlement), consumer banking (for mortgages, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and credit scoring and bank processes (such as know-your-customer (KYC) as a shared service, client onboarding and intra-bank settlement).

In this session, experts will introduce blockchain, its different applications in the financial sector as well as Dubai’s leading role in adopting blockchain. The session will also discuss how regulators in the MENA region are taking an increased interest in blockchain technology and working alongside major banks to develop regulatory frameworks. 

Moderator: Ms. Hiba Fayad, Chief Information Officer, Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Co., Lebanon


  • Mr. Juan Llanos, Fintech and RegTech Lead, Consensys, United States of America
  • Ms. Marloes Pomp, Program Officer Blockchain, Dutch Government, Netherlands
02:00 pm
Panel 4: New Technology, New Challenges
1 hour

Combining cloud services with tools like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, drones and Blockchain will introduce new risks, which requires new approaches to combat them.This panel will address:

  • The most difficult types of cyber-attacks
  • How new technology, such as real-­time data analytics and biometrics, is being used in cybercrime and fraud prevention
  • The Future of Data Centers’ Security
  • The possibility of Augmented and Virtual Reality Replacing Banks’ Branches
  • The Internet of Things and the next battleground

Moderator: Mr. Jerome Ribault-Gaillard, CT expert, European Union, Lebanon


  • Mr. Scott Manson, Cyber Security Leader for Middle East, Africa and Turkey, Cisco, United Arab Emirates
  • Mr. Juergen Million, Technical Sales Director, Datacenter Group Middle East & Africa, Lenovo, United Arab Emirates
  • Mr. Nizar Elfarra, Technical Services Consultant, CommVault, United Arab Emirates
03:00 pm
Panel 5: Evolving threats, Vulnerabilities, and Counter-Measures
1 hour

Introduction speech: The 360 approach

This presentation will address the main global regulatory developments and compliance requirements for fighting cybercrime in the banking and financial sectors as well as a detailed rundown of the strategies and means used to integrate cyber-security, anti-fraud, and anti-money laundering.

Speaker: Ms. Bedria Bedri, Partner, Risk Consulting, KPMG, United Kingdom

Panel Discussion:

This panel aims to uncover the evolving threats to institutions and their business counterparts and explore how fraud, cybercrime and AML teams can join forces to address the threat. Speakers will introduce both traditional and emerging methods of fraud, cybercrimes and laundering assets, including new payment and monitoring technologies along with the tools and techniques to conduct successful investigations.

It will tackle:

  • Growing and evolving risks affecting banks and financial institutions
  • Solutions addressing Fraud and Future Risks
  • Identification and Investigation of Money Laundering Schemes
  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence used to upgrade KYC, CDD…

Moderator: Ms. Bedria Bedri, Partner, Risk Consulting, KPMG, United Kingdom


  • Ms. Magdalena Mielcarz, EMEA Head of Channel & Enterprise Services, Citibank, United Kingdom
  • Mr. Zhan Jovanovski, Director Risk Services MENA, Visa, United Arab Emirates
  • Mr. Joe Max Wakim, IT Director, American University of Beirut Medical Center, Lebanon
  • Mr. Jean Michel Kawkabani, Head of Information Security, Byblos Bank, Lebanon


04:00 pm
Closing Session
15 minutes
  • Mr. Abdul Hafiz Mansour, Secretary General, Special Investigation Commission, Vice Chairman for the EGMONT Group, MENA Regional Representative, Lebanon
  • Major Albert El Khoury, Head of Cybercrime and Intellectual Property Bureau, Judicial Police, Internal  Security Forces, Lebanon
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