Vineet Madan
Strategy and Business Development Advisor

A seasoned banker passionate about helping retail banks transform strategically and become more customer-centric by adopting relevant digital business strategies and techniques and building high performance teams.

 He is convinced that the future of life, not just work, is digital. Over 15 years in the banking industry across India and the MENA region has allowed him to offer deep domain knowledge as well as understanding of the implications of technology and customer centricity on digital transformation projects. He has held senior positions in banks and has largely been responsible for undertaking large scale transformation exercises- be it the strategic re-orientation of the International network of one of the largest banks in the region or developing the retail business from ground up of another leading bank of the region.

His key areas of expertise include developing digital-led retail banking business models, international business expansion, and driving strategic reorientation of large local banks in the region. His approach to building teams and businesses is a mix of empowerment, empathy, and excitement.

He received his education at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Indore with a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. He also holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University. In addition, he has developed key 21st century skills in Digital Strategy, Fintech Business and Data Analytics from globally renowned schools like Columbia Business School, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School) and Boston University.

He is currently involved in delivering strategic advisory services to promising Fintechs in the UAE. He is an established and recognized expert in the banking domain in the UAE working as a digital banking and fintech expert for a Big 4 consulting firm. 

He is an active panel member on platforms for Industry professionals like Atheneum, Alphasights, GLG, Guidepoint etc.