Abdul Hafiz Mansour
Secretary GeneralSpecial Investigation Commission (SIC)

Appointed as the Secretary General of the Special Investigation Commission (SIC), the FIU of Lebanon on June 1st 2010. He is the President of MENAFATF for the year 2018 and was elected in July 2017, for the second time as the Egmont MENA Regional Representative and Vice Chair for the Egmont Group.

Before joining the SIC, he held senior managerial positions including Chairman – General Manager, and Board Member of banking, insurance, investment, and real estate investment companies. The most recent were Chair of Board Audit Committee in 3 banks in Lebanon and Board Member of Solidere.

For intermittent periods, Mr. Mansour held advisory positions to their excellences the Prime Ministers and Minister of Finance of Lebanon.

Mr. Mansour earned his MBA and BBA from the American University of Beirut, and his LLB from Alexandria University and Beirut Arab University.

He is a CAMS and a founding member of the Lebanese Certified Public Accountants Association (LCPA).