Dark Web Hosting Portals Deleted After Getting Hacked

Around 7,600 dark web portals have been shut down amid a hack that targeted Daniel's Hosting (DH), the largest free web hosting provider for dark web services. The web hosting portal's entire database has been deleted.

According to a message posted on DH's now-defunct portal by Daniel Winzen, the German software developer behind the service, an attacker accessed the DH backend and deleted all hosting-related databases. The attacker then deleted Winzen's database account and created a new one to use for future operations.

Winzen said that users should consider the passwords for their DH accounts as "leaked" and change them if they used the same password for other accounts.

Winzen says that users who need free hosting for dark web portals can use other similar hosting providers, since Daniel's Hosting dark web hosting service will remain down in the near future.

Source: ZD Net